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The Sovereign Citizen provides an exciting new way for Americans to gain information about pending legislation and a sense of self-empowerment. Participants will be asked to research constitutional and contemporary issues which are being discussed as proposed legislation in the Halls of Congress. They then investigate their own consciences about those issues, research these issues and then give voice to their concerns. They are also asked to then organize themselves and move into the community to affect positive change on real issues being debated on the floor of the House of Representative and the United States Senate. The results of the debates will be delivered to the sponsors of the legislative proposals by Forum for Democracy in an effort to strongly encourage our legislators to vote with the People.


Should Congress pass the 2020 Justice in Policing Act which bans choke holds, develops national standards for the use of force by police officers, defines lynching as a hate crime and limits the transfer of military weapons to police departments?


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