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Chief Justice is an educational forum designed to give the players an appreciation of the United States Constitution and of our democratic form of government. The forum contains critical thinking questions that incorporate today’s most important moral and ethical issues. By using persuasive arguments and clear logic, each player must convince a jury of the merits of his or her case and attempt to win enough cases to climb the steps of the Supreme Court to become the Chief Justice. Chief Justice - whose hard copy version, which has been sold to over 1,700 high schools nationwide and abroad and is used by more than 300,000 students each year, gives students a compelling reason to explore the Constitution and is a valuable addition to a government or civics class, a character education program, a citizenship program, a speech and debate class, a leadership training program or for a course in service-learning.


Should the federal government have the right to take away your AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle?


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